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Things you may not have thought of when you bought your rental or investment property?

It’s Your Retirement


  • Not enough return on actual Equity
  • Time spent managing, paying bills, maintenance was more that you signed up for.
  • Reserves. You cannot spend what you make you must keep a reserve for future repairs, maintenance, and surprises.
  • Heirs/Children may have to deal with the headaches after you are gone.
  • Fixing up, notifying tenants marketing at time of sale
  • Regulatory: Government, County, City, IRS, HOA, Architectural, ADA, Permits, Rent Control, Evictions
  • Everything Eventually Breaks


Landlords and Property Owners.


Most of the people we are talking with have successfully used 1031 exchanges to amass great wealth.

For most, the strategy to avoid taxes on their lifetime of gains has been to hold them until death to pass along to their heirs.

However, on the later years this does not work as well as it did when we were younger. Your time now has a higher priority.

Learn how you can maximize your current income and growth in YOUR lifetime, how you can walk away from the daily activities potential liabilities of being a landlord, and perhaps how to leave your heirs in a better position with more options.


Let’s start the conversation about EXIT STRATEGIES – Landlords and property owners: Let me show you how to walk away from the day-to-day activities of property management, maintenance, rent collection, rent control, regulations and all the task that strip away your time. Capture your gains while the income and principal continue to grow – in the most efficient ways possible.


Learn how to exchange your property and avoid paying capital gains and recapturing previous depreciation deductions.


Learn about the efficiency of economy of scale of a fractional ownership in a much larger project.


Learn about a form of property ownership that frees up your most valuable asset…. YOUR TIME!


Learn about companies with excellent 30+ track histories of income and growth.


Learn about the ancillary estate planning benefits for  both you and your heirs.


And More


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